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About Luke Dorny 001

UPDATE: This is horribly out of date, but I’m leaving it here. August 2019

For many moons I’d let my own site languish, hovering along with barely enough fuel to stay afloat. Well, no more!

Luke pointing at ocean

THIS is the ocean, Aidan.

Luke pointing at ocean
*THIS is the ocean, Aidan.*


<3rd-person> Luke Dorny is a graphics designer and web designer living Lakewood/Long Beach, California. He also creates package designs, print and periodical designs, as well as corporate identity pieces.

Biographical back story and random things that’ll bore you

I enjoy travelling and I’ve lived in a few places around the world, including Seattle, Berlin/Dahlem-Dorf, Ewa Beach (Hawaii), Yokosuka (Japan), Mar del Plata (Argentina), Salt Lake City, and Huntington Beach & Long Beach, California.


I frequently use flickr.com to post screenshots of websites and other design items that grab my attention. Usually of interface ideas, inspiration, errors, sore-thumbs that could be so much better, but usually of Mac OS X software that I deem useful or simply cool. It’s a funny diversion, and provides a semi historical image history with links and comments. As a result, flickr has become a blog of inspiration, an outlet, and occasionally a place where i post actual photos!

Things you should know

I’ve been messing with web design for a few years now. I remember the site I made around 1996 which had steelplate buttons with hover functionality for a Latvian bank and communications company. Things picked up a bit when I finally jumped into the Flash arena (sort of) with a full, flash-based website in 1999 for another client. Total site size was over 4MB(!), but it did have a preloader and at least it had dynamic SWF loaders for all sub content! Some of you may have been making flash-based sites back then, too. Flash 4 was all teh rag0r!

I still create websites.

Though not with Flash. …for friends, family, businesses, organizations, etc. I’ve learned quite a bit in the last 14 years of webdesign. I’ve been studying Web Design Standards since 2003 when Dave Shea‘s CSS Zen Garden was released in May of that year. That was the beginning of enlightenment.

Currently I design under the name of Butter Label with the likes of the Canadiano Scott Boms. Together we RULE THE WORLD. If you’d like to hear what we have to offer, or simply want us to get started designing the future, get in touch.

Like it? You can ☕️ Buy Me Cocoa.

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