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This site is run by Luke Dorny, an emerging professional painter, graphics and web designer living in the Pacific Northwet (Washington). He also creates package designs, print and periodical designs, as well as corporate identity pieces.

This site has become a blog of inspiration, an outlet, and a place where he occasionally posts long form articles! This is essentially what makes up the bulk of this website.

He enjoys observing and gathering art and design items that grabs his attention. Usually poster art, album art, interface ideas, inspiration, errors, and the occasional designs that could use a boost. It’s a diversion for his brain and it provides a semi historical image history with links and comments. Luke is into skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, and all of the art and design related to those sports. He is also into music and movie design, 3D and CGI, as well as other design styles, so you’ll notice those here, too.

Thank you

I would not be where I am today without the many people in my life that have helped me to grow in my career as a designer and as a person, and I’ve created a section below to honor some of them, some colleagues, some friends, some have inspired me, helped me, mentored me, and more. I am grateful to you all. I will let you discover their greatness for yourselves.

To all of you, and to many others, I thank you and I will be forever grateful to you and your efforts, both major and minor:

Some of My Mentors and Friends ⬇︎

Web Design

Luke has designed for the web for well over 24 years now. One of his first websites was made around 1996 which had diamond steel buttons (with onmouseover images) for a Latvian bank and communications company. Things picked up a bit when he finally jumped into the Flash arena (sort of) with a full, flash-based website in 1999 for another client. Oh, how things change, and ever so quickly. One of the most defining moments in web design history was the advent of Web (Design) Standards. Things really kicked off around 2003 when Dave Shea‘s CSS Zen Garden was released in May of that year. That was the beginning of the age of enlightenment for Luke.

Luke still creates websites for businesses, organizations, friends and family, etc. Interestingly, the world of web design and development is constantly changing, and it seems to move faster the further we go.

Which Brings Us To

Luke formerly designed under the name of Butter Label with the likes of the famous Canadiano Scott Boms. Via Butter they worked with various nonprofits, corporations, universities, and small companies to revive and grow their digital brands. They also formed a group of type lovers that helped to support TypeCon with sponsorships, education tech talks, and to otherwise promote understanding of the wild world of typography.

Creating a new brand. Cream

He currently designs under the name Cream Cº to create both digital and analog design solutions for small and medium brands.

If you’d like to hear what they have to offer, or simply want them to get started designing the future, get in touch.

If you like this site, the design, loved the links, or simply want to raise a cup of coffee in Luke’s hono(u)r, you can buy me a coffee. Chat with him on Mastodon.

Luke Dorny is a member of Artist Trust of Washington and the National Oil and Acrylic Painters' Society.

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About Luke Dorny

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Some of the many designers, writers, and developers that have influenced my life and career for the better: