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Wherein I write about my actions or adventures, articles are sometimes longer and rather boring …but are hopefully more rewarding. Also see Updates.

A Work In Progress

Occasional writings about work I do or interests I have. They’re mostly gathered here. However (of course there’s a disclaimer), I am not a professional writer or copy editor.

For me, writing for your own project… with open restrictions… well, it is the hardest part of this site for me to do. Most days I do feel like I have been cursed with an eye for spotting poorly edited text, but my ability is massively diminished when looking on my own work.

So I ask for some forbearance with my work… turn a blind eye to my own poorly edited writings. At this point I’m proud that I’m writing anything down, and much more so as it is for all eyes. With time I should improve.

A designer that writes.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy my work. Please let me know.

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