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Akira 010

Discovered Akira in a comic book shop in South America. Me rotó el cerebro.

After getting through the comic, which must have been a later one, not the first issue, I was completely confused and captivated at the same time.

This art print (now sold out) by Matt Dye (see the link below) was one of the favorites that I could find online. There are quite a few versions of the movie poster, and in case you weren’t aware, hundreds of iterations mimicking the iconic poster of Kaneda approaching his bike.

Otomo Matsuhiro’s story and the comic art inking style was fantastic. It became an instant favorite, and, despite the graphic nature of the story, it has remained a favorite ever since.

Released as a movie in the late ’90s, it was one of the most ambitious anime movies ever, and there are a few videos on youtube describing the costly history of the film.

Enjoyable to read or watch, whatever your style, Akira is highly recommended.


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