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Mando 035

The jig is up. Daily.

jeremy mandolin

Jeremy strumming his mandolin


jeremy mandolin
Jeremy strumming his mandolin

Daily jigs, slides, polkas, ‘reels’, and, …uh, ‘hornpipes’, played by Jeremy Keith out of Brighton on his fantastic mandolin or bazooki. He also links to each https://thesession.org/tunes/8362 session for the song so you can learn and play it, too.

He started around a month ago and is posting them regularly. What a refreshing treat.
Reminds me of Hampton Inn balcony days in Austin more than a decade ago.

There’s lots to listen to, get on it:

  1. Which jig will be next?
  2. What instrument?
  3. What shirt will he wear next?
  4. Will a shirt make a repeat appearance?
  5. Will he shave his wiseman beard?
  6. Possibly a haircut or trim?

Tune in tomorrow! Thank you, ADACTIO.
Follow Jeremy:
Twitter: @adactio
Or on youtube below:


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