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World Records 006

While reviewing my posts about vinyl records, I happened upon this gem.

The Clash - London Calling

The Clash’s London Calling, spinning on an era-correct Harmon Kardon turntable.

By: Kai Schäfer
The Clash - London Calling
The Clash's London Calling, spinning on an era-correct Harmon Kardon turntable.

The German artist Kai Schäfer started photographing classic records on classic record players as art, and it just took off. He suggests that you request your own favorite record to be photographed as well.

Just look at these photographs:

Clash and Strummer in situ
Do you see it? That photograph in the back, there. No, not of Joe Strummer, the one to the left at the back. Yes. The Clash. Larger than life.
Kind of Blue
Kind of Blue on Rondine

Thank you for your permission to share, Mr. Schäfer. These are beautiful photographs.

From Mr. Schäfer’s site:

“The great albums in music history high­lighted: on record players that partly became legendary too.

“worldrecords is meant to be a tribute to ana­log acoustic art, a homage to the warmest, perhaps most sensitive type of sound carrier. In a way – and that makes the photo series so special – it is also a private time machi­ne to the spectator: music as an impulse to remember bits and pieces of one’s personal history, a release of former thoughts and feelings. The soundtrack of your life.

“From a formal point of view, the precise approach down to the last detail finds its ideal expression in large format. Each groove, each label notice, each tone arm component is oversized and thus nearly tangible. The special light KAI has developed for worldre­cords contributes a great deal to make these effects real.

“The photo series the artist started with early in 2010 today includes around 100 pictu­res. The list “The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time” in the “Rolling Stone Magazine” helped choosing the most adequate titles.

“All pictures are copyrighted, please contact me for reproduction in any format.”
—Kai Schäfer


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