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Anyone else love the smell of sawdust in the wood shop?

console sketching

Console sketching

console sketching
Console sketching

A few years back I began sketching nearly every day as I took the Seattle Ferry to work. Which explains why most of these are squiggly. That came from the vibrations coming from the boat motors. Now that I don’t commute anymore (it’s been three years now), I actually struggle to find time to sketch.


At some point, the sketching progressed into these wild ideas about cabinet construction with mechanical doors, flaps, lift mechanisms, and gas-filled pistons. For a while there, I think I came up with every idea possible, and many that were impossible to create. I still want to create a cabinet that houses the phonograph and I want to make it by hand.

Until that happens the sketching has been a very satisfying habit/hobby. I have improved, I think, and I wanted to post some of my favorite console sketches here.

Audio credenze
Audio Credenza
fold up shop desk
A desk you can fold up. Based off a Danish design that my father had.
Levitate me!
A magnetted mechanism.
Linkage lid plunger ramp platform lift. Right?
phono cabinet
A cabinet for people what like phonographs and exposed amp controls. This particular design was inspired by Xerxes Irani’s ideas. Kudos to him!
Skate shelf
A bookshelf and console for skate heads.
Mechanical roller belt platform lift console. Uh huh.
Belted mechanisms.
A boxy iteration.

Get out there and sketch!

Oh, and if you’re interested in one of these consoles, get in touch. ;)

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