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“Tech and craftporn from Sweden”

Golden Apple

Bonkers, mind-blowing, satisfaction level 10, it’s all here.

Golden Apple
Bonkers, mind-blowing, satisfaction level 10, it's all here.

Okay, I’ve admired these projects from afar long enough. Let’s check this stuff outโ€ฆ

pocket arcade
Unbelievable craftmanship here.

Need a walnut Apple Classic? Arcade work desk? Portable Street Fighter rig? A magnificently crafted lounge chair?
This is the place to find it.

From the site:

“He fuses traditional craftsmanship with modern tech to create unique objects in an unexpected merge of form and function.”

The Classic Apple in Walnut (of course):

Golden Apple
Golden Apple back
Golden Apple
The Golden Apple keyboard
Golden Apple
Golden Apple detail

Oh, and there’s this box of perfection here:

portable gamer gear
Take it anywhere!
I mean, just look at this “R-KAID-R”:
Think of all the goods times you’ll have with Konami on the brain!

What else

Did you need a classic writer’s desk in walnut with a electronic control panel and raising monitor?

Got it:

Want to browse Love Hulten on Instagram? That’s a good choice:

Instagram LoveHulten
Need a walnut Apple Classic?

Need more?

I know.

the carrier portable
The Carrier!

Here’s the “Carrier 37”:

at work
Mr. Love Hulten at work

Genuine art and craft, and the quality is obvious.
Thank you, Love Hulten (& Sweden!), for exploring your passion for design and electronics, and bringing it into the world.


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