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book cover

Dan’s new book!

By: Dan Cederholm


book cover
Dan's new book!

Once again, a wonderful case of a designer taking an interesting journey.

I’ve been excited about every book that Dan Cederholm creates.


His earlier books were pivotal in helping me create websites to web standards, a concept at that time that was just emerging. Dan and a few others were at the forefront of this development, especially when it came to publishing books about it. I promptly donated my Flash 4 tome and jumped on board with the new deal: Web Standards Solutions.

Dan has been a major success in the web world, especially when it comes to soft-spoken, kind-hearted, and generous people who contribute to a movement that is Web Standards. When he created the wonderful pixel and design showcase named Dribbble I managed to get on board early and contribute what little I could to make it better. It was awesome. When he spoke at conferences his knowledge was easy to consume and internalize. To me, he has contributed to the shared web design and development community more than anyone I have ever met. There are a few people at the top of that mountain, namely Jeffrey Zeldman and Ethan Marcotte, just to name a few. #sages

So this book struck a chord with me since it appears that he’s talking more about business. And community. And design. Not just proper coding systems, patterns, or methods.

As my own career has grown over the years, these topics were key in adapting to the web from a world that was based on dots per inch, dot gain, darkrooms, ruby lith tape, and xacto knives. But now the topics he’s bringing to the front are topics that are in fact much more important to me.

Kudos, Dan. I look forward to reading it.

/checks shipping notifications/

Okay, so besides the quality writing he’s likely done here that is contained inside, check out the specs on this thing: smyth binding, quality paper, foil stamped cover, and digital versions are available, too.


  • 5 ร— 7 inches, 96 pages
  • Cloth hardcover, foil-stamped
  • 2-color offset printed on Munken Lynx 120gsm paper
  • Smyth-sewn binding, woven bookmark ribbon
book cover
Comes with a colormatched ribbon!
book inside
Printed with 2 spot colors and some creative doodles. By Dan himself, I’m guessing!
book flat
Beautifully bound.
standing book
The book stands on its own merits.

An instant classic. Can’t wait to devour it. Thank you, Dan.


Also, if that’s not enough, let’s shine sunshine where it’s due. Dan has recently created:

That’s the #midastouch


Like it? You can โ˜•๏ธ Buy Me Cocoa.

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