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Mark, the Wood Wizard

I love the chance to share the amazing attributes of people that I have become acquainted with in my life.
There’s not a better example of this than Mark.

I have had the fortune of knowing The Mark Bixby for several years. He is a professional illustrator, designer, and has served as a leader in product, art, and design direction at scale for one of the largest companies in the world.

We now live very close to eachother, and because of this, I am now thoroughly enjoying frequent coffee breaks with him, as well as tours of classic car shops and car shows, art, design, and cultural events over the years.

I am truly astounded at his perspective on design, wood grain, and life itself. Mark has been mastering the art of woodworking here in the Pacific Northwest for several years and has become my local expert in everything to do with hand tools and the science and art of wood-working.

He has trained and taught himself much of the intricacies of woodworking, especially hand tools, and is constantly leveling up his knowledge and skills at an impressive rate.

Attached you can witness some examples of the items he has created:

Here’s to you, Mark, for inspiring me to create and explore ideas creatively, and for sharing your time with me. I thoroughly enjoy it.


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