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Peter Saville has an eye for design.

dazzle ships

OMD’s Dazzle Ships cassette cover 1983

dazzle ships
OMD's Dazzle Ships cassette cover 1983

In the last several years I have really come to appreciate the form factor and canvas that is the album cover. That much is clear to me, which is why the shape of a square for art and design is a favorite of mine.

At some point I finally discovered that one man and his design firm were responsible for a large portion of album covers that I saw growing up, and the list of covers to his credit is staggering.


I don’t know Mr. Saville in person but I’ve known of his work for a while, and I’m still piecing together my understanding of his career. It is most impressive.

Starting in the late ’70s Peter Saville & Associates produced a body of work from there on out that is a compelling body of work. From Factory, doing work specifically on the band Joy Division, to Roxy Music, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Depeche Mode, Pulp, David Byrne, David Bowie, Suede, and several other top bands of the era (naturally including what would later become New Order), Peter Saville & Associates rocked our design world. A factory of design.

Art & Design

With a client list that long, imagine all of the flyers, covers, backs, flats, liners, booklets, j-cards and cassette sleeves, promo posters, concert posters, marketing materials, and all that goes with promoting music. Imagine the scale of work. Then imagine all of the work that never saw the light of day.

I would very much like to see their designs on a massive scale at an installation. It would be a fantastic display of skill and talent. London’s Design Museum had an installation back in 2003, to which Mr. Saville created an accompanying design book for the show, and New Order recorded a soundtrack for the event.


Thank you, Peter Saville. Your work has and will continue to be an inspiration.


Here are a few covers of his that most represent to me the skill and talent he and his team put on display:

blue monday album cover
New Order’s Blue Monday 12” single cover 1983
Joy Division Unknown Pleasures album cover
Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures album cover
New Order's Movement album cover
New Order’s Movement album cover 1981
New Order's Power Corruption and Lies album cover 1982
New Order’s Power Corruption and Lies album cover 1982
vhs tape cover
New Order live performance VHS Tape cover 1981

Video Tape:

Notable typefaces used on Saville covers:



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