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Assembly 034

Woke up from a dream and realized that perhaps I’d been creating a fair amount of Lego lately and it has changed me.

Assembly of Lego blocks as metaphor

Assembly Theory using Lego blocks as metaphor. Screenshot from the Lex Fridman podcast on Youtube.

By: Lex Fridman Podcast


Assembly of Lego blocks as metaphor
Assembly Theory using Lego blocks as metaphor. Screenshot from the Lex Fridman podcast on Youtube.

Recently we were able to get organized in our home and made all of the fixings (within reason) to finally start having parties with friends again.

Of course, a lot has happened in the last few years, …what, the recent unpleasantness notwithstanding, but let’s stay focused.


As our friends and I sat around the table recreating a Lego Macintosh from a list of parts, it reminded me of a dream I’d had just the night before.

It was a short dream, and the dream was nothing more than a short feeling of awareness. An awareness of everything around me (in the dream) was clearly made of small but discernable parts, much like blocks of Lego or Minecraft (the kids have me going on that game!). Discernable parts, but perhaps not actual objects, almost like you can look at everything and immediately become aware of its makeup, on whatever level I was thinking at.

Picture a Rubik’s cube. Now look at any object around you and try to imagine everything being made up of different little cubes. That was the essence of it.

The realization also gave me a sense of potential. The potential to understand everything and to be able to assemble everything. It was both invigorating and overwhelming. But that was the end of the dream. That’s all I remember.


So, as we were assembling the Macintosh on the kitchen table with friends, I remembered the dream, so I began to recount the feeling.

That’s when Corey jumped in and mentioned something directly related to this idea. He’d listened to a podcast that talked about nearly exactly this concept. It’s actually a podcast that I watch frequently while working. Lex Fridman is such a great interviewer. Mr. Fridman is speaking with the scientist Lee Cronin.

So I’m listening to it now and I figured “Hey!”, you’d probably like to listen to the video as well. It’s fascinating:

Conceptual Realizations

This sort of concept will likely all sound trivial and understood after watching/listening to it, and it’s been absorbed into your brain, but I can’t shake the powerful feeling that I had during the dream, that feeling I will never forget. It has changed me.


What thoughts do you have about the makeup of the known universe and your place in it? Does this concept alter how you see the world? Will you go assemble Lego now?


The Macintosh build was a bust as the 5% of parts that had to be shipped, directly from Copenhagen apparently, still hadn’t arrived (Edit: they haven’t even shipped 3 weeks later). Will post about that when it’s complete.

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