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  • Format: SERVER
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  • Released: 2000
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Around 2000 I discovered an internet radio station that was playing music I was into from the 1990s, and Groove Salad became a daily ingestion for me. Turns out they had a few other channels like SpyBeat, DroneZone, and SpaceStation Soma that also had great collections of themed tracks. Perfect for listening to while working. That was 19 years ago. They're still crankin'. Thanks, Rusty Hodge and team, and all of the supporters that have kept it alive this long.

To this day, they still list all of the tracks and links to buy the records. It's a wonderful way to discover music. Buy music via their links and support this indie radio station.

There are various ways of listening and there is even a pretty good representation of Groove Salad on a shared user playlist on iTunes: https://music.apple.com/us/playlist/groove-salad/pl.u-38oWy1EtPbVql3

Here is SomaFM's ad for this station with a link:
Chillout with Groove Salad on SomaFM, commercial-free, independent, alternative/undeground internet radio

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