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Hold your art up! High!

Haven’t you always enjoyed holding album art up high, skimming your hand over the top to dust off the sleeve, and enjoying the liner notes, photographs, and lyrics on a physical vinyl record?

Here’s my little record store for your review. It’s all free to look at, but “you touch, you buy.” …Just kidding.

My Own Record

I’m posting the images here, not on a slowly fading third-party app.

In the late ’90s, it was said that vinyl was making a comeback. Excellent. But as you’ll notice, I’ve also allowed this section to include many different formats.

Read my article about NowPlaying to learn about my first vinyl record purchase. Then, let me know what your first music purchase was and in what format.


Tracks I’m listening to now are still at,


I scrobble using NepTunes for Mac or QuietScrob, or Trax Scrobbler for iOS. There’s also a desktop Shazam scrobbler for logging your now-playing vinyl records, which works well.


Some album artwork comes from Discogs (individual links are provided) which is for reference only, but I’m sharing actual photos of the album more and more.

What about you?

What are you listening to currently? @ me on Mastodon: @Luke Hey…

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