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Type design by Jason Santa Maria
Type design by Jason Santa Maria

There’s an analogy or a metaphor somewhere here about a person (me) tinkering with a piece of pine wood and a pocket knife. But that’s not important (nor is it a very useful metaphor). What is important is that, suddenly, their friend is doing the same but puts four wheels on theirs. And it goes flying by like a rocket! Then, another does the same but also paints their little rolling log. Then another friend puts decals on it and adds graphite. From an ordinary piece of wood, an imagined racecar hath emerged! The race isn’t important here. It’s more that like-minded individuals are turning their talents and interests into beautiful and useful communication tools. Out of thin air, really, there’s no actual wood.

Also, here I am with this piece of pine. And this horrible intro.


Okay, what a boring metaphor, but perhaps it resonates with you? Perhaps you’ve started playing with type design and have something in the works?

Well, he needs no intro, but here are some names of wood from designer Jason Santa Maria, in his new typeface design “Chonk”:

Type design by Jason Santa Maria

Merit Badge Earned!

I don’t know if Jason has published typefaces before, but I’m certainly glad he is now. Just look at these letters!

Certainly, the Type world is filled with a million different purposes and use cases. This typeface stomps all over Impact like a Mammoth!

If anything, it’s a cool reminder to me that making typefaces doesn’t have to just be reinventing Times New Roman, nor does it have to be the task of making something purely purposeful or for utility alone.

Making a new typeface based on Times New Roman may well be your task. Who’s to say?! And I bet you’d make a valiant effort, too. Go forth!

Type design by Jason Santa Maria

Oh, man. Instant purchase.

Type design by Jason Santa Maria

Beyond the sheer bold shapes of Jason’s design, what’s truly inspiring to me is that there are only a few initial letters in this new design. …And that’s okay! Because you can always update the file. And this is freeing me from my own imagined mental constraints about launching a typeface.

Update: He’s released a new file with additional letters and symbols. Perfect.

Well done, Jason. Well done. Huge fan.

Light a Match

As more of my design industry friends and acquaintances jump into the Type Design world, the more warm and inviting it is to chill around the industry campfire. So, as I toy more with typeface design myself, I feel more and more comfortable whittling away at this little log with hopes of turning it into a typeface for anyone else to ‘test drive’ and enjoy, too.

Want to get started? Watch some YouTube videos about type design, grab a copy of Glyphs or Glyphs Mini, or one of the other various type design apps, and start cutting type.

What spins your design gears or lights your artistic fire?


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