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Jim Phillips: Screaming brands, skate graphics, and comic art.


I have no special insight into the work of Jim Phillips and there is a lot out there about his style and art, so I’ll keep this brief.

To me, Jim is someone with a passion for art, graphics, style, and involved in a culture spanning generations.
Jim has been involved in the art of the skate world forever. He and Santa Cruz are lucky they found each other. They’re a match made in heaven.
Here are some of my favorite pieces from Jim’s work:

G- G- Generations

Mr. Phillips’ son Jimbo has also taken up the graphics baton:

I leave you with this video:

โ€ฆand with this helpful artwork Jim created decades ago to keep the beaches clean:

Go get your own shirt to help promote clean beaches:


Inspiring. Thank you, Mr. Phillips.


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