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This is a guest post by my boy Snow Dorny, an interview of me he did for 9th grade. Snow is a talented artist and animator.

Luke Dorny is a full-time artist in graphic design. He is a father of 3 and owns his own company, Cream…

Photo of Luke Dorny

The many faces of Luke Dorny in Dublin, Ireland, 2023

By: Luke Dorny
Photo of Luke Dorny
The many faces of Luke Dorny in Dublin, Ireland, 2023

Luke Dorny is a full-time artist in graphic design. He is a father of 3 and owns his own company, Cream. Some of his art was featured around Bainbridge. During the fall of last year, some artistically painted skateboards were hung on the walls of the local Blackbird Bakery.

Mr. Dorny refers to his passion for art and his experience with it like this:

What do you love most about making art?

Mr. Dorny explained that his favorite part about making art is getting in the flow. He says when he has a perfect idea for art is also really exciting. When he is inspired, the best ideas come to mind and allow him to be creative. The perfect creative environment for him is taking care of all the little things that are important and then finding a quiet space to hunker down and start working.

What do you want to achieve with what you make?

For Luke Dorny, getting in the flow is the reward. His favorite part is when he is about to finish a project. Getting to that point is harder than completing it. He says that instead of making art for money as some artists do, he enjoys making it just for the sake of creating. The challenging part is thinking that the project won’t turn out well, and “fighting the temptation to move on to the next project is hard. The risk is that you will miss the most exciting part of the project, finishing it.”

What types of art do you enjoy seeing the most?

Artists who do more realistic art are usually praised more instead of some who do more unique pieces. As a result, Mr. Dorny says, “I love seeing realism or realist art, but I prefer well-thought-out and imaginative art pieces.” He says that anybody can learn to draw realistically, “It takes real creativity…to create something new, with their own imagination.”

What types of art do you enjoy making the most?

Painting is one of the most enjoyable forms of art that he produces. Making something original is very rewarding. People can get inspired by the art you create. It is fun to combine different art forms that are not usually thought of as going together. Some examples of projects he has made with this idea are a Leatherskate Board, making a skateboard look like an arcade game with buttons, and making a skateboard that is like a seat cushion.

Can you tell me a time you’ve felt most inspired art-wise?

Doing art and seeing art is super inspiring. Most of the time when you see art as an artist you ask yourself if you could do something like this. Though there can be inspiration everywhere that’s not just art, like comic books, a newspaper, nature, album covers, the back of your brain, anything you see can contribute.

What classes or experiences shaped your art?

Skateboarding has sparked his passion for art. Now instead of skateboarding, he paints on them for wall art. Typography, the style and appearance of printed matter, is also an art form that shapes his art. He says, “It’s invigorating finding people who have similar interests. Because it really inforces your creativity, as well as your friend circle,” after referencing a conference he went to called Typecon.

What is your favorite job you’ve had based around art?

His current job as a professional artist is his favorite job, and that’s why he does it. He enjoys the freedom and creative thought. He says some of the frustrating parts of being an artist are actually everyday activities like eating, sleeping, exercising, and chores, but these can be enjoyable too. You just have to keep an open mind and “always be open to what comes next.”

What are some projects you want to do in the future?

He admits that “some of the most inspiring ideas I have involve mixing things together.”
Things such as paint, leather, copper, wood, and stainless steel are some of the media he uses to blend together. He is planning on making a 78 skateboard collection, with all of them similarly painted as well as full square canvas paintings.

Thank you, Snow. I’m honored. — Dad

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