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  • Released: 2020
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Daughter has made a massive chill playlist for you to enjoy: 1,082 songs, 2.4 days.

Dela says this is her daily soundtrack. Perhaps her days are 2.4 dad days. I'm not sure.

She says she used to just play this to mellow out, but now it's constantly playing.

Cover Art

She created a picture in Procreate on the iPad of an open window, a moon poking through, a painting on the wall, and one of our cats relaxing.

She's quite talented. 🐈


In case you're going to try, you should know that one floppy disk will CERTAINLY NOT hold all of these songs.


  1. Too many to list!
  2. Cool, though, right?
  3. Nope, don't even ask. I'm not going to cut and paste 1000+ songs here.

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