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Jetset 054

Dutch design team explains their approach to creation

This morning while enjoying an espresso with butter, I landed on a video from the Museum für Gestaltung (Museum of Design) in Zürich, about the design group “Experimental Jetset” and I could not get more than halfway through without wanting to share my inspiration from the discussion found there about self-imposed restrictions, experimentation, influences, inspiration, environment, and your own personal drive to create in a foundational manner.

It is a wonderful thing to have museums document our culture and share our progression through time and the human condition within it.

Give it a watch and see how long it takes for you to get that feeling of creation flowing through you.

Then go do. What do you have planned today …right now?


Also, incredibly (but totally saw this coming), I spoke with my best friend Scott Boms about this and he had brushed up against EJs’ brilliance a few years back …as a client. Incredible.

By the way, the word Gestalt[] with all of its endings in German is essentially anything creative, form, or used to describe the ‘look and feel’ of anything, …is my take. There you go! I’m a Gestalter (a Designer; …that gives form and function or look and feel to something), and a Kunstler (an Artist) / Maler (a Painter).

#composition #design #style #arts #layout #construction #creation


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